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Columbiana Diner Chicago Hot Dog

The Chicago Dog

The Chicago Dog is a meal in itself — a Vienna Beef Hot Dog on a warm poppy seed bun covered with yellow mustard, chopped onions and red tomato wedges. Then layered with a kosher style pickle, two spicy sport peppers, with a dash of celery salt. This meal in a bun is just 4.99.

Our Award Winning Chili

Our Award-Winning Chili

We took First Place in the 2013 Goodness Grows Chili Cook Off. Our chili is made with round steak that has been marinated overnight in a combination of special sauces and peppers then cooked for hours before being served for you to enjoy. Served with our own homemade cornbread. Cup 4.99, Bowl 5.99.

Hot Dogs

Chicago Hot Dog                               4.99

Chili Dog            3.99 with cheese  4.49
Made w/our own chili sauce

Kraut Dog                                         3.99

Kraut/Cheese Dog                             4.49

Cheese Dog                                       3.99

Slaw Dog                                           3.99

Chili Slaw Dog                                   3.99

Chili Kraut Dog                                  3.99

Hot Dog                                             2.99


House Salad                                      3.79
iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, cheese

Grilled Chicken Salad                       7.99
grilled chicken breast served on Iceberg lettuce with tomatoes & cucumbers topped with cheese and served with a toasted Pita

Side Salad                                        2.79
lettuce, Roma tomatoes and onions

Dressings: Sweet & Sour, Italian, Ranch, Caesar, 1000 Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, French

Kids' Breakfast

with choice of 1 meat, sausage link or patty, bacon or ham


1 Mickey Mouse Pancake                  2.99
PB & J on toast                                 2.99
5 Silver Dollar Pancakes                   2.99

Kids' Lunch

served with chips and a kid’s sundae

PB & J                                              3.00
Hot Dog                                            3.50
Bagel Dog                                         3.50
Mac & Cheese                                   3.50

Hot & Cold Sandwiches

"Diner Burger" with Lettuce and Tomato                                              4.99
(add Bacon 1.50, add Cheese .50)

Fried Bologna                                    4.99
topped with American cheese
on white bread with mustard

Grilled Cheese                                   3.49
choice of Swiss, American, Cheddar

Grilled Ham & Cheese                        4.99

Sausage Sandwich                             4.99
with sauteed peppers & onions
on a Hoagie Roll

Sloppy Joe                                        4.99
on a sandwich bun

Corned Beef or Turkey Reuben         4.99
on Rye, swiss cheese, kraut and 1000 Island dressing

Tuna Melt                                         4.99

Tuna Salad on Toast                         4.99

Egg Salad on Toast                            3.49

BLT                                                   4.99
on sour dough toast with mayo

Corned Beef                                      4.99
on Rye with Swiss cheese
& yellow mustard

Chicken Salad                                   4.99
on a Croissant roll

Add a Side Dish 1.29

• Potato Salad
• Cottage Cheese
• Applesauce
• Baked Beans
• Beans & Weenies
• Cole Slaw

Ala Carte

• All Side Dishes  1.99


2 Eggs, Home Fries, Bacon, Sausage,  Ham or Bologna and Toast                 5.99

Vienna Beef Hot Dog Omelet with Cheese and Toast                                          4.99

3 Egg omelet, Toast (add meat 1.50, cheese .50)                                        4.99

2 Eggs, 2 Meat, 2 Pancakes               5.99

Sausage Egg Sandwich                            on Croissant, Biscuit or Muffin          4.99

Bacon Sandwich                                4.99
on sourdough toast w/mayo

Sausage Gravy with Biscuits              4.99

Chipped Beef on Toast                       4.99

Belgian Waffle with butter & syrup      3.99
with strawberries & whipped cream add .75, add meat for 1.50

French Toast                                     4.29
2 slices served with syrup

Homemade Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat     or Grits served with brown sugar         2.99 (berries or raisins add .50)

Pancakes, short stack (2)                  3.99 Double (4)                                         5.49
add meat for 1.50 more

Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes                                          4.99  

Fruit & Yogurt Parfait with granola  3.49

Fresh Fruit (seasonal)                      3.49

Grilled Bagel                                    1.99
with cream cheese or peanut butter

Grilled Cinnamon Roll                      1.99

English Muffin                                  1.25

Toast                                                1.25
white, wheat, rye, sourdough, raisin

Sausage Links (4), Sausage Patty (1)
Bacon (4), Ham Slices (2)                 2.99

Redskin Home Fries                          2.99

Bowl of Sausage Gravy                      2.99

1 Egg                                                1.25

Fountain Drinks 1.99

• Cherry or Vanilla Coke
• Rootbeer
• Diet Coke
• Orange
• Sprite
• Cherry Fanta
• 5¢ Cherry Coke